Monday, July 13, 2009

Struth Mate, my mommy took me to a strange place today. She said it was the V...E...T. I got in there and everyone started fussing over me. They all thought I was really cute (Well... I am) The big people all asked my mommy "What is he?" (Der you bozos I'm a dog) My mommy was a little nicer, she told them that I am an Australian Terrier.

When I got in the little room the lady stuck something cold up my bum for what seemd like ages, then she took some of my poop to play with it somewhere in another room. (Wow humans are wierd) Anyway, the nice vet said that I was a healthy little boy and said that I have to come back in a few weeks to have sharp things called needles stuck in me.

I played a LOT today. I had fun running around my yard like blowflies in a dunny. (For you Americanos that means like flies in the toilet) Mommy gave me some yummy chicken for supper.

I learned to run up the steps today... I gotta run real fast or I get stuck..... not too keen on going down them though..... end up going tail over ears and a LOT faster than when I came up.

Gotta go pee now, BYE

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