Sunday, February 7, 2010



I have a confession to make...only because my mummy told me that confessing my sins to others brings healing. I have an obsession with toilet paper, actually any paper.  I just love to tear it up.  Here are some pictures that mummy took when she caught me in the act. To be honest with you...I am not so sure that I want to quit..... this is so much fun..... but now my secret is out I do feel a little better.... it was getting pretty hard to hide.....

Sunday, January 3, 2010


G'day Mates,

You should see what my mummy did last night.  She made a scrapbook just for me. (Dunno why they call it a scrapbook though co's she didn't use no scraps, she went to the store and bought all that pretty paper.) She said that she's going to go to the photo place and make pictures of my handsome mug.  I have been working at posing and looking real cute. It's pretty easy to trick those hoomins, they are so easy to please.

My owie is getting much better. Mummy has been letting me have time with the cone off my head, but as soon as I lick the owie she makes me put it back on. 

See ya later,


Thursday, December 31, 2009

I am Feeling Much Better NOW

G'day Fellow Doggies (and Humans), 
Well I just wanted to let you know that I am feeling much better now.  I have been learning lots of new skills trying to get around with this big thing on my head.  I have been having problems eating,  I am a little scardy cat of my food dishes now, my mummy has been feeding me on a plate so that I don't keep banging the cone. Even though I have an owie it has sorta been worth it because I am getting lots of extra snuggles and attention.  I am being treated like a king and waited on hand and foot.  Mummy has even been carrying me up and down the steps to take me potty.  She blocked my doggy door so I don't hurt mysef trying to get in or outside.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I am VERY Miserable

Well, THEY just bought me home from that BAD place.  I am very sore and very quiet right now.  I just want to sit on the couch and feel sorry for myself.  I can't even walk properly yet.  Mummy carried me downstairs for a pee and all I did was try to get this big cone thing off my head.  I look and feel like an alien from Mars. Mummy said that I will feel much better tomorrow.  I hope so beacuse there is no way that I could feel any crappier than I do right now.

My Daddy is Sneaky

So, my mummy told my daddy that she wanted to buy me some new toys. ( I am a little tough on my toys and I tear them up) Look what my naughty daddy did. He wrote a fake note and attached it to my collar and then sent me upstairs to mummy. Look what he wrote... ha like she believed him..... my mummy knows that I am smart and I know how to spell squeaky toys. Bad daddy.... I will have to get him back somehow. Maybe I will just steal his toilet paper or something.

I have a BAD owie.....

I am not too pleased with my mother right now. She told me that I was going to visit my friends at the vets. She NEVER told me that they were going to remove my manhood. I got there and they were all nice and friendly talking to my mummy, then that lady whispered something to her and I knew that something was going on. Mummy was cuddling me all nice and sweet than she put me on the floor and handed my leash to the nice lady. When I was all excited to smell those doggy and kitty smells she ran away and left me all alone. At first I was excited then I was really worried when I saw that she was gone. She abandoned me.

Well I was just getting settled and this vet lady who I had never seen before came and took me out of my cozy little spot and jabbed me with this huge needle, the next thing I know.... my manhood is gone and I have been shaved and I have a big owie, and this big cone thing around my head. I feel a little weird in the head too.

I just heard the vet lady call my mummy and tell her that I did really well. Hey, I had no choice....she knocked me out. So I just sneaked into the front office while nobody was looking and got online to send you this message, if there is anyone out there reading this.... watch out.... don't believe your mummy when she says she is going to be taking you for a special trip.

I hope my mummy comes to get me soon. I just know she will take lots of pictures with the cone on my head. How embarrassing...... oooh they are coming, I better go before they find out that I can type and put me in some freak show or zoo or something.

Friday, December 25, 2009

I am Back

Well now it has been a really long time since my mummy let me use her computer. (Well she doesn't really lt me, I just sneak on and type when she is not looking.) I am seven months old now and I am getting really big and really smart. I can jump on the couch and walk along the back of the couch just like a kitty cat. I have learned lots of tricks like sit, down, look, wait and catch and fetch. I can even jump on top of the coffee table like a kitty too. I am getting really handsome and very hairy. My mummy said that I am going to be nurturered next week. I am not sure what that mean but I am not so sure that it is a good thing because daddy's eyes start to water every time she says that.

There has been a lot of white stuff on the ground lately. It is really cold and wet. Mummy says it's called snow. I like playing in it but my feet get really cold. I hate it when the other wet stuff called rain comes down. I won't go outside when that stuff comes down. This morning I pooped by the table becasue I didn't want to go outside. Mummy was kind of mad at me for that Well, she should go outside to poop when it's wet. I bet she wouldn't like it either.

Mummy took some glamor shots of me the other day. I am going to post them now. I hope you like them.

Love Cobber