Friday, December 25, 2009

I am Back

Well now it has been a really long time since my mummy let me use her computer. (Well she doesn't really lt me, I just sneak on and type when she is not looking.) I am seven months old now and I am getting really big and really smart. I can jump on the couch and walk along the back of the couch just like a kitty cat. I have learned lots of tricks like sit, down, look, wait and catch and fetch. I can even jump on top of the coffee table like a kitty too. I am getting really handsome and very hairy. My mummy said that I am going to be nurturered next week. I am not sure what that mean but I am not so sure that it is a good thing because daddy's eyes start to water every time she says that.

There has been a lot of white stuff on the ground lately. It is really cold and wet. Mummy says it's called snow. I like playing in it but my feet get really cold. I hate it when the other wet stuff called rain comes down. I won't go outside when that stuff comes down. This morning I pooped by the table becasue I didn't want to go outside. Mummy was kind of mad at me for that Well, she should go outside to poop when it's wet. I bet she wouldn't like it either.

Mummy took some glamor shots of me the other day. I am going to post them now. I hope you like them.

Love Cobber

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