Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Daddy is Sneaky

So, my mummy told my daddy that she wanted to buy me some new toys. ( I am a little tough on my toys and I tear them up) Look what my naughty daddy did. He wrote a fake note and attached it to my collar and then sent me upstairs to mummy. Look what he wrote... ha like she believed him..... my mummy knows that I am smart and I know how to spell squeaky toys. Bad daddy.... I will have to get him back somehow. Maybe I will just steal his toilet paper or something.


  1. What a naughty doggy daddy. I know that you love squeaky toys.

  2. Dear Cobzie,

    I thought I got your letter right by what you dictated the other night. You know I'm your side, buddy. Today's events were not at all my idea!



  3. p.s. I also know you care about Daddy's sanity which comes primary through peace and quiet.

    You're such a good dog!